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What is a Sport Massage?

A sport massage uses techniques from other massage styles to provide a treatment that manipulates the soft tissue to prevent injury, improve muscle or tendon pain and rid the tissues of any stress they are holding. Predominantly based around myofascial techniques, trigger point work, muscle energy techniques and soft tissue release.

Treatment varies person to person and is normally sought out if they have tight muscles or injury from a sport or activity, post surgery or even desk related issues such as tight shoulders and back. Also, migraines and tension type headaches.

Sport massage is a very different experience to normal spa massages, the therapist will usually focus on specific areas of the body after a full assessment. It is very normal to feel an increased level of discomfort during the treatment and you may feel sore for a few days post treatment. Drinking plenty of water and taking a warm bath post treatment will help aid the process of metabolising the waste products removed from the soft tissue. Those suffering from any viral infection are advised not to receive a sports massage whilst ill. A sports massage will stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system and can cause the virus to spread in the body.

How does it work?

Designed to stimulate, this massage will focus on the areas of the body that will be exerted during the activity. Typically given 15-45 minutes before the event.

Received within 2 hours of undertaking the activity, it aids the tissues to normalise.

Often received regularly whilst training for an event or for those looking to improve their personal bests and train harder. Restorative sports massage works to enable further training by preventing injury.

Serves to alleviate pain from an injury and return the affected tissue to normal.

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Reduction in muscle tension, muscular pain and discomfort
  • Increased range of motion, leading to enhanced performance.
  • Decreased muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise or physical activity
  • Reduced recovery time post injury
  • Increased levels of relaxation and reduction in physical and psychological stress levels
  • Improves sleep

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